Stroke Survivors Support Group

Learning, support and community.

More than 6.5 million people in the U.S. have survived a stroke. In a split second your life changed and you are now a stroke survivor. We want to help you learn about stroke and understand what care and support options are available for you as you travel the road to recovery.

Our Stroke Survivors Support Group will help you explore resources and information about treatment, rehabilitation, and living with your best life after having a stroke.

Here’s how our Stroke Survivors Support Group will support you:

  • Realizing you are not alone
  • Getting comfort and encouragement from others facing similar problems
  • Combating isolation and depression (a part of surviving a stroke)
  • Obtaining and sharing accurate information about stroke rehabilitation, research, and resources in the community
  • Promoting public awareness and education

Refreshments are provided.

Free. No preregistration required.

Dr. Meaghan M. Lynch, MD; Dr. Doris Bersing, PhD
Further Information
Third Thursday of Every Month
All Groups Start at 4:30 pm
Room Opens at 4pm for Members
Kaiser Permanente, French Campus
450 6th Avenue, 1st Floor Room Board
San Francisco, CA 94118