Your Personal Home Care Plan

Our goal is for seniors to be independent, but not alone.

Living Well Assisted Living at Home In-home Caregivers

We believe that no two individuals need exactly the same home care. After we complete a Home Care Needs Assessment, we will work with you and your family to develop a personal home care plan. Your home care plan will be developed by a gerontologist and incorporate input from a team of collaborative professionals, who are experts in their field and passionate about the care they provide. Together, we will help you age in place safely and with peace of mind.

Your personal home care plan encompasses:

  • Recommendations regarding the amount of care and the types of care (home care, institutional, family driven, etc,) to address your daily living needs.
  • Advanced technology solutions for independent living, including monitoring and alerting systems and medication management systems to help ensure your safety and well-being.
  • Modifications and adaptations to your physical environment to help prevent accidents, falls and injuries.
  • Your nutritional needs.
  • How you will be able to continue participating in your favorite activities and interests.
  • How we will enable family members to conveniently stay updated on your daily care.

Throughout your care, we will keep in close contact with you and your family so that we can adjust your personal home care plan, as your ongoing needs change. By using leading-edge independent living technologies as appropriate in your home care plan, we can help reduce the overall cost of your care.

Our ultimate goal is that you are able to age your own way with confidence, a sense of well being, freedom and meaning.

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