Custom Care Plan

Our goal is for seniors to be independent, but not alone.

Living Well Assisted Living at Home In-home Caregivers

A Continuous Spectrum of Personalized and Efficient Care

Unlike assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, we are not one-size-fits-all.

We provide personalized, comprehensive services facilitated by an integrated team of collaborative professionals, who are experts in their field and passionate about the care they provide.

We use leading-edge technologies to evaluate our members' health and mental status, reduce the cost of care, communicate medical and other information to physicians and relatives, provide cognitive vitality programming and monitor personal safety.

Personal services and our advanced assistive technology can add a strong measure of comfort, convenience and control to those that desire to remain at home but have conditions that may limit their ability to move freely, communicate effectively or otherwise navigate their environment. Together we can ensure and encourage those that desire to age in place the opportunity to do so with safety and peace of mind.

When needed, we will evaluate the layout of the home and undertake modifications to ensure mobility, access, and security. In addition, our professional housekeeping and maintenance staff keep our members' homes updated, clean, and impeccably maintained.

Step 1 Diagnose and assess needs to avoid mistakes and miscommunications
Step 2 Create individualized care plan from the breadth of solutions available
Step 3 Implement care that evolves as needs change

Assessment, Communication, Adapting to Changing Needs

  • A continuum of care that encompasses home, medical, personal, wellness and concierge services
  • Sophisticated neurological, psychological and functional assessments to avoid mistakes and miscommunications
  • Holistic care plans that preserve individual dignity and evolve as needs change
  • Services that advocate, support and assist all activities of daily living to make life easier
  • Founders who are experts in elder care and chronic conditions associated with the aging and illnesses of the central nervous system
  • Integrated team of collaborative and compassionate professionals with high standards of care
  • Smart technology that monitors safety and coordinates communication
  • Aging your way with confidence, well-being, relief, freedom and meaning