Helping You Maintain Your Independence and Wellness

Staying active in mind, spirit and body.

Living Well Assisted Living at Home In-home Care

We all want to live our lives our way, making our own choices, doing what we like, knowing what fulfills and sustains us. But, sometimes living life our way gets harder as we age, especially if we are living with a chronic illness, such as: Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s or ALS, or if we are a survivor of stroke. We may need compassionate, home care services to help us live independently in our own homes.

Living Well Assisted Living at Home emphasizes wellness and the importance of living a vibrant life. We believe that you can stay independent with the help of supportive care and technologies, despite the physical and cognitive limitations that can accompany aging or chronic illness. Our home care services providers are expertly trained and personally selected to help you maintain your independence and wellness.

Social connection is key for well-being

When talking about healthy aging, social connection is key for well-being. Social isolation and loneliness go hand in hand with poor health outcomes. Numerous side effects have been connected to social isolation in the elderly, including dementia, loneliness, and severe depression.

Mind and body

What's good for the heart is good for the brain. It's possible to maintain brain health as we age by making smart lifestyle choices such as exercising regularly, eating antioxidant-rich foods, learning new things, reducing stress and staying socially connected. Exercising our brains as we move through mid-life and beyond is just as important as exercising our bodies. Stimulating the brain may slow down age-related cognitive decline and memory loss.

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