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"I chose Living well because I felt like they had a much more personal and more caring approach to taking care of my mom. Tessa was my main contact initially. She has such an in depth knowledge and understanding about elder care and elders and the challenges that they face as well as the challenges of the family faces. I just felt that they were really knowledgeable. They're very caring and they had a very personalized approach. They chose their caregivers really carefully. They're very selective about their caregivers. Their caregivers are very caring. It's not like just the mechanics of taking care of someone. They actually care about the people they are taking care of. The caregivers really did everything from taking her shopping to cooking and cleaning the house. They took her to outings like to get her hair done or little errands and things so that she would be able to get out of the house. They helped her go to the bathroom because she had some problems with that. They helped her shower and get dressed."


"I had a fall and was diagnosed with macular degeneration, I thought the only option was to goto a horrible rehabilitation home. My kids live in the East Coast, so I was afraid.

A friend who was using the people from Living Well told me about their comprehensive services... I am back on my feet, with little supervision and they did it all, home visits by nurses to assure I was doing well, driving, cooking, and my personal care plus all the coordination was needed for all my appointments. My kids and I are very satisfied with their services. they are real professionals not another home care company. "


"I've known Living Well through word of mouth. It was actually from a person that we knew who helped us with our long term care insurance. They knew about Doris and Living Well. They recommended that we talk to her and so we made an appointment and met her. We liked her very much right away.

Whenever we need their help, from the very beginning, they've always been available. If we had to leave a message, we would always get a callback. They're very responsive and really knowledgeable. They know a lot of things that I don't know about that I have to do for the elderly and so I'm grateful for their knowledge. They not only know the type of care that my parents need but also about what the insurance policy covers. They understood the business side of it very well too. They don't push any solution or mandate. They're also really kind towards my mother. We're very pleased with them.

One of the caregivers was too attentive to my mother and she wanted to be more independent. So she changed and we got somebody who worked out better. There was really nothing wrong with the initial caregiver it's just that it wasn't a match."

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"I think the most important thing is that I don't have to change. By having the care, cooking, cleaning and transportation services provided by Living Well Assisted Living at Home, I have the energy to truly focus on the things that bring me happiness — my hobbies and my friends."

— Robert, San Francisco, CA


"I have worked in senior care for many years and I know the system is broken. Working for Living Well gives me the opportunity to fix it at the same time that I make a difference in the way people age."

— Melanie, San Rafael, CA


"What a relief to have such great and comprehensive care for mom in a one–stop shop. Now, I can relax."

— Susan, Tiburon, CA


"Recently I had a hip replacement and experienced living away from home in a rehabilitation center. I can only tell you that I have no desire to be anywhere but my home and I am so glad that Living Well Assisted Living at Home provides such comprehensive and fantastic services."

— Jim, Mill Valley, CA


"This is a magical team. I know them very well. They have the knowledge and the experience to revolutionize senior care services and fix a system that is broken."

— Chris, Sausalito, CA


"I'm so thrilled that Dad is progressing at this pace -- no doubt it’s a testament to your wonderful care and it's very reassuring to know he's in such good hands. I can't tell you how much we appreciate your insights and everything you are doing for our father."

— Stan, Washington, DC


"Mom was not willing to eat, and after dad passed she wanted just to die, your excellent interventions and constant care have made a great impact on her. She has expressed desires to go out and engage anew on her old social activities. You brought her back to life and save us worries and grief."

— Brenton sisters, San Francisco, CA


"Your personal care assistants, whom I always call caregivers, are so special, kind, engaging and respectful that I look forward every morning to greeting them into my home ... Moreover, they know what to do!"

— Dr. Martin, Larkspur, CA


"Seniors have waited a long time for a living option that has all the benefits of a retirement community without having to move out of their homes. Living Well listened to the needs and preferences of older adults planning for their futures and created a model of care that puts the senior in the driving seat by creating opportunities for lifelong learning and access to quality care for those who may need support as they age in place. Oftentimes an older adult’s world can become very small as changes and challenges associated with the second half of life become more apparent. Living Well enhances and expands the older person’s world, connecting people, building community, and providing quality care."

— Janet M., MD, San Francisco, CA


"Living Well is the solution we aging folks are seeking ... a solution for being well served, well taken care of, enjoying fun activities and sharing with like-minded people while keeping our home. Living Well is the way to go and I hope we will have it soon in Florida!"

— Ern, Alta Monte Springs, FL


"How wonderful it would have been for my mother to have been a client of Living Well, had the services been available in the San Diego area. I think about my future as well, and know I would definitely take advantage of a company like Living Well."

— Charna, San Francisco, CA


"I suffered watching the personality changes dementia brought to my mom. As an only child, I felt a unique loneliness in handling the sometimes slow; often-startling changes mom was experiencing. Living Well team of truly experts not only helped mom to deal with her confusion and agitation but helped her lead a normal and fulfilling life while relieving me from stress and guilt...a deep feeling that no one can truly understand..."

— Rose, Belvedere, CA


"As the child of a mother who fights fiercely ALS, I deeply know the value of the services provided by Living Well: excellent medical support, home care, transportation services, and assistance to change the layout of the house to make it accessible to her wheelchair and different mobility devices, my mother uses. Living Well really helps her to living with ALS while enjoying the familiar surroundings of her home."

— Kathy, Novato, CA


"It takes a village...and many resources to care for our elders... I am glad to see Living Well is helping to build that village…"

— Dario, Berkeley, CA


"Living Well's high tech, high touch model of care is meeting the needs of many seniors who, like me do not want to sell their homes to move to an institution. I can continue to enjoy my house and also have the comprehensive and fantastic services Living Well offers."

— Dorothy, San Francisco, CA


"Gathering so many services under just one roof is unprecedented. Bravo! Any adult child who has managed the coordination of long–term services to help her or his parent remain at home can tell you that figuring out what services are needed can be overwhelming and finding truly qualified service providers can be daunting. Living Well eliminates these difficulties for families by screening and partnering with a broad arena of professional service providers."

— Terri, San Francisco, CA


"As committed Sausalito homeowners, who fully intend to spend the rest of our lives here, we are happy to know that Living Well will be providing services for members of our community. We are glad that Living Well is there should we need it as we grow older."

— Susan and Nancy, Sausalito, CA


"We needed more than home care, we needed somebody who was able to bring our mother back-to-life after dad passed away. Being frail, and with early dementia she was just depressed and despondent. Living Well with its comprehensive services, wellness individualized programs, and specialized professionals in the field of aging was the answer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

— Lisa and Michael, Sonoma, CA


"I appreciate Living Well Assisted Living at Home comprehensive use of resources and expertise when it comes to design a care plan for our clients. They not only have stellar and well trained personnel to provide direct care but they know how to use the gero-technology available to bring peace of mind to family members and lower the cost of direct care while keeping seniors safe at home."

— Dr. Steven, Geriatrician, San Francisco, CA


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